I was so lucky to have Mr. Mark Kowalewski handle my immigration case

I was so lucky to have Mr. Mark Kowalewski handle my immigration case. I had a pleasure to meet Mr. Kowalewski 4 years ago. After our first consultation, he agreed to accept my asylum case. My case was approved in less than 6 month ( I know !!!!! pretty impressive! ). Nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Mr. Kowalewski. He is polite and professional. He answers each and every question with patience. He genuinely cares about his field of expertise and clients and I would recommend him to anyone.
Thank you Mark for being the best of the best.

Arezoo B.

Mark Kowalewski is an incredible Immigration attorney

Just want everyone know that Mark Kowalewski is an incredible Immigration attorney. He guided our family through our frustrating journey helping our son-in-law to immigrate from the U.K. It took a while but in the end we prevailed. Mark did all the hard part and we just had to be patient and wait for the system to do its thing!! Our family had a wonderful holiday season this year and we can't thank you enough!!

JeNae Bartels

Mark is a great attorney

We engaged Mark’s services for an EB-5 immigration visa, throughout the entire proceedings from our very first meeting to the final submissions Mark has been extremely thorough, diligent and above all the consummate professional in all his dealings with the United States Immigration Service. Beyond this I would like to say that I hold Mark in the highest esteem and consider him a personal friend, this is unprecedented in all my previous dealings with members of the law profession.

By John Lindgren  

Accent Legal the BEST!!!!!


First, I would like to say big thanks to Mark. He made me the happiest person in the world. I am immigrant and came in the USA in 2003 without my husband, hoping to bring him here soon. I was trying to do so within 7 years but every lawyer I was talking too, sad that I need to wait more time. I know that immigration is a long process but I couldn't wait any more. When I met Mark, everything had changed. He did great job!!! — he helped my husband to come here within one year. I would really recommend him to everyone who needs lawyer help. He is so smart, polite and kind person.

By Anastasiya P. 



My husband and I feel extremely lucky to have come upon Mark Kowalewski. He helped us stay on task, on time, and at ease as we prepared for our immigration review. On the day of our interview he was on time (early) , calm, and confident. So, in turn, we were on time (early), calm, and confident. During the interview we hit a hiccup. New Zealand, my husbands place of birth, has different requirements for certain paperwork. We were unaware of this. Mark, thinking ahead, had done some research just in case it became an issue. Without going into specifics, he saved us! IF he wasn't there it could have been months until we resolved the problem. Instead, we received my husband's green card two weeks after our interview. Since then we have often talked about how glad we are that we had Mark on our team. Today, months later, we received a 'hello' email from him. Truly, a wonderful individual. If you can't tell, I highly recommend Mark kowalewski!

-Delena and Nick

By Delena and Nick Britnell



Not only did my husband & I have a positive experience with working with Mark we would highly recommend him to any of our friends and family. Mark is very knowledgeable and reasonable, not only did he agree to take on our immigration case but he allowed us to go on a payment plan that worked for us. We enjoyed working with him and he made our entire immigration process a smooth and painless experience for both of us. On top of assisting us with process he has always made himself available for any additional questions that we may have. We appreciate that he is not money hungry but he thinks of people first!!!

By Jocelyne Spellman

Review of Mark Kowalewski


We had a great experience working with Mark and got great results in our case for my Australian husband to get permanent residency. We are so happy to have this all finally behind us. Thank you so much for everything and for keeping our family here, together.

By Deanna & Grahame Spittles

Guidance Every Step Of The Way


My family and I are grateful for Accent Legal's immigration services. Mark Kowalewski offers top notch service. His hard work and dedication to helping individuals and families are outstanding. Their attention to detail and knowledge leads to favorable outcomes. Great Job Accent Legal.

By Elaine Shauf 

Sacramento Best Immigration Law Firm


I have recommended many people to this Law Firm without any complaints. This Law Firm is dedicated to helping people with their immigration issues. Down to earth local attorney that cares.

By Dave McCraw.Com 

Highly recommended


I have used Mark Kowalweski's services to execute a H1-B visa and its subsequent renewal. Mark was knowledgeable, efficient and communicated well during the whole process. I will definitely enlist his services again.

By Jeffrey Mielke

Praises for Mark Kowalewski


I referred an important business client to Mr. Kowalewski for his professional help. We were both highly satisfied with his results, speed and reasonable fee. I am pleased to recommend Mr. Kowalewski to anyone in need of immigration, citizenship or asylum needs.

By Harry L. Haubert, Esq. 

Very Intelligent Immigration Attorney!


My family and I have been in the United States for many years but we still have pending immigration matter. Previous attorney seriously bungled up our case. Mr. Kowalewski took over and very intelligently unraveled our case with the immigration. Mr. Kowalewski is continuing to help us and I highly recommend Mr. Kowalewski to handle your immigration matter. You will be glad you did!

By Ben Bhangu