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Election Day

After a day of heavy rain the sun returned today over California's Central Valley to serve as a reminder that just as the weather can change so can the fortunes of Americans struggling through these difficult economic times.  Democracy provides us with the opportunity to make changes to our government, and many new Americans are experiencing this opportunity […]

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Naturalization Test Question # 3

Name One State That Borders Mexico The Headline: Woman, 101, to become citizen with help of 69-year-old document (CNN) — Eulalia Garcia Maturey has outlived two husbands, her two children and decades of bygone immigration laws. At 101, Maturey will become a citizen on the 101st anniversary of her crossing into the United States from Mexico. The naturalization […]

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Naturalization Test Question #2

What is the "rule of law"?  The Headline:   HomeNews News Obama's aunt now says she has right to US citizenship   By Anthony Karanja,Posted Tues. Sept 21, 2010 US President Barack Obama's aunt, who was granted asylum in the in May, believes being an immigrant, the had an obligation to make her a citizen. Ms Zeituni Onyango, 58, a half-sister of […]

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Naturalization Test Question # 1

What is the supreme law of the land? The Headline: Ariz. Border Sheriff: Obama's Got His Hands Wrapped Around Our Throat' By Terence P. Jeffrey  Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County, Ariz. told that President Barack Obama has "got his hands wrapped around our throat" as his administration sues the state of Arizona for trying to enforce […]

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